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Iraqi Embroidery Project

Love shopping and fellowship? 

Nancy Borrett is looking for individuals who would be interested in getting together to shop for Threads of Blessing supplies. Contact Nancy if you would like to participate.

Greetings all,

Many thanks to all who came to the luncheon last week to hear about Iraq- it was a blessing to be able to share what we experienced with all of you who have been so very supportive!

One new item spoken of was Threads of Blessing.  This is a new project that is being started to help the people in the largest refugee camp (250,000 people) in Northern Iraq.  We in the US are going to put together embroidery kits and then send these kits to Iraq.  The women there will do the embroidery and then send them back to the US for us to sell.  This has two distinct blessings (I’m sure there are many others as well).  The first is that it will raise money for them to be used for their immediate needs, and L4L will be working with them to see that those needs are met.  Another is that all of the women who have participated in this already have said that when they focus on these projects, it allows them to forget about what happened to them.  Having heard some of the stories about how they have suffered, it is so good to know we have provided them with even just some little bit of time when they don’t focus on the heartache.

If you would like to participate in providing a kit, the list is provided here. Simply buy the items and place them in a zip lock bag and bring them to the church.  We will send them with the next group that goes over.  We do ask that you stick exactly to the list!  If you would like to make a donation and have someone else put together the kit for you, you can simply write a check to the church and put Threads of Blessing in the memo line. (A kit cost approximately $25.00).  Thank you to those that have already donated!  The finished pieces will be put on line for us to view and you will be able to purchase those as well. 

I would like to thank you all again for the love, support and prayers that you offered to us for this trip.  I took the best team ever with me, and we all were blessed beyond measure.

Love, Nancy

Embroidery Kit Supply List

100% Pure Linen Fabric – Ivory, White or “Natural” (Make sure it isn’t too “Nubby.” The smoother the better.)

Embroidery Floss - 6 strand. All colors accepted. Craft stores sell 150 packets, which is the cheapest.

Metallic Embroidery Thread

6” Embroidery Hoops – PLASTIC, not wooden, with a screw to tighten.

Needles – Chenille, size 18-22. These have big “eyes” and a sharp point

Scissors – able to cut fabric. The small ones are nice because they don’t take up much room, and the lady will know they are for her embroidery, not paper.


Measuring Tape

Black Sharpies

Marking Pencils

2 Gal. and 1 gal. Ziploc bags



     If you can, cut the fabric into squares of 16 x 16 to 18 x 18. The best way to cut it straight is to “pull a thread” which makes sure it is perfectly square.

     The floss in the packets is the cheapest, but the colors are limited. I can give you a list of other colors (rug colors) to buy by the skein. People OFTEN like to give me “bits” of floss they have left over. That’s ok to accept. Don’t get “Craft Thread,” only 6 strand embroidery floss.

     The metallic thread comes in several colors – gold, silver, bronze, etc. ANY of those is fine.

     I ALWAYS use Jo-Ann Fabrics coupons (which I signed up to receive by e-mail) which will give me up to 60% off items at times. I especially use those for the fabric, which can be expensive. Wal-Mart will have many of the items, but their choice of floss colors is limited.

Questions contact Nancy Borrett at

Embroidery Kits will be collected through the end of August.