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Lent 2017: Revived! and Walking in the Light

Lenten Soup Dinners are back! 

Beginning March 8 and running through April 5, we will gather at the table for fellowship, a soup and salad supper, a teaching from some great guest speakers, and some discussion around the table. If you are a part of a home group, gather up your group and sit together! If you aren't a part of a home group, we'll find you a seat at a good table of like-minded people.

Our youth will gather at their own table with Andrew. And Tapley is preparing a program for kids 5th grade and under. Nursery care is provided for infants and toddlers. To help your planning as parents, we will end promptly so you can be out the door by 8pm.

Bishop Steve Wood

Bishop Steve Wood

March 8
Bishop Steve Wood
Bishop of the Carolinas, ACNA

Revive the Passion:
Be zealous and repent
(Revelation 3:14-27)

Bishop Mark Lawrence

Bishop Mark Lawrence

March 12
Bishop Mark Lawrence
Bishop of South Carolina

Revive Your 1st Love:
Remember from where you have fallen
(Revelation 2:1-7)

Rev Jeffrey Miller

Rev Jeffrey Miller

March 19
The Rev Jeffrey Miller
Rector of St. Philip's, Charleston

Revive for the Crown of Life:
Be faithful unto death
(Revelation 2:8-11)

March 29
Pastor Stan Winder
Life on the Vine Ministries

Revive the Truth:
Confront false teaching and hold fast to the truth
Revelation 2:12-29


April 5
The Rev Gary Beson
Vicar of St. Timothy's, Monck's Corner

Revive Our Works:
Wake up and remember what you received and heard
Revelation 3:1-6