Prayer List

Updated 04/17/19

 Those in our Parish
  Rick Baldwin, Chris Coffin, , Earl Dunlap, Cecil Dye, Ann Gillespie, Robert Goodale, Darlene Johnson, Lori Lessard, Benny Michael, Martha Moore, Mary Mullinax, Marcia Spainhour, Charlie Taylor

Family and Friends of those in our Parish
Reeves Bair, Betty Butler, Sue Card, Stan Carlyle, Emmitt Fields, Kevin Hall, Anne Harrison, Linda Lacques, Jeannie James, Alice Jarue, Bill Krucke, Penny Lord, Margie Mabry, Marty Murray, Lynne Patterson, Furman Spearman, Deborah Swan, George and Pearl Young, Bob VanNorte, Dylan Winder

Grange Coffin IV, Destani Covington, Ricky Grimsley

Kara Borrett, Pilar Parnell, Katie Skinner Willard, and Hannah Grace Herman Porter, Jessica Parish

This Week’s Birthdays
4/21 Brad Drawdy, Josh Garvin, Chaz Kastel, Connie Puckett, David Shaw
4/22 Stacy Mathis, David Swan
4/23 Nikki Petty
4/24 Katy Cartier
4/25 Bobby Shealy
4/27 Lola Marvel

This Week’s Anniversaries
4/24 James & Tracey Vachowski
4/25 Pete & Linnie Oberholtzer
4/26 Maurice & Stacy Fleming

Server's Schedule       Sunday, April 21, 2019

8:00am Service
1st Reader: Lorraine Shealy
2nd Reader: David Kennedy
Chalice Bearer: David Kennedy
Ushers: Linda & Jerry Lacey

10:00am Service
1st Reader: Kyle Bollmann
2nd Reader: Gerry Graves
Chalice Bearer: Mary Prince
2nd chalice: Earl Sease
Ushers: Chris & Tammie Keach, Kyle & Debby Bollmann

LEM: Gerry Graves
Altar Guild 8am: Lorraine Shealy
Altar Guild 10am: Stacy Fleming
Prayer Team: Christy Young, Kristine Sires

Readings: Acts 10:34-43, Psalm 118:14-17,22-24, Colossians 3:1-4, Luke 24:1-12