Sunday, November 19, 2017

Prophet Series: Ezekiel Part III Study Guide

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Prophet Series: Ezekiel Part I Study Guide

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1) Is your faith in Christ your personal faith? 

2) Is your faith consistent and active? 

3) Is your faith aware of its potential impact on others? 

1) What difference will the Trinity now make in your prayer life, worship, or daily walk? 

2) With whom are you growing in your experience of sharing God's love? Where do you find yourself in the body of believers giving and receiving self sacrificial love? Where is the fellowship of the Trinity reflected in your own life? 

3) Where or to whom are you being sent by this Trinity's ongoing call to go? Who has God laid on your heart? Who needs to hear the Good News that God has placed on your heart? How are you responding to that call today? 

1) Power - Are you in need of God's power?  Are you aware of how weak you actually are? 

2) Surprise - Are you a Holy Spirit led person that can be open to surprises? Are there surprises God can do in your life, which you will actually notice if he does them? 

3) Understanding - Who are the people in your life who don't have an understanding of the Gospel? Can you pray for them? Can you be a message bearer to them so that they might have understanding? 

1) What are the ways you are not allowing yourself to be sent?

2) Jesus is alive by the power of his Holy Spirit. That same holy spirit lives with us and abides in us each and every day. Do we live like that? Love Like that? Are we guided by that? Does that describe your life right now, a life led by and abiding with the spirit of the living God?

3) Jesus is sovereign Lord in a world where it doesn't much look like he's in charge. Do you embrace that Jesus is King now even in the mess and unpredictability of life,  even if you can't sense or see it?  




  1. For what reason will you bow your knees before the father this week?
  2. What walls need to come down in your life, and here at Christ St. Pauls?
  3. How much time do you spend on your inner man/woman, just praying for your soul that God would open you eyes?

  1. What acts of ordinary faithfulness is God calling you to maintain or come back to?
  2. In what ways are you willfully blind to satanic counterattack to take you away from Jesus?
  3. How can you allow God to turn your present obstacles into opportunities for even more growth and boldness?

  1. What specific struggle or challenge are you facing?
  2. Are you ready to rise up like Hannah and pour out your soul to God in prayer about it?
  3. Is there a VOW God is prompting you to make?
  4. How could God use the answer to your prayer for His purpose and His Glory?

  1. Are you aware of your own poverty in wisdom? 
  2. What is the one area in your life where you most need wisdom? 
  3. What are you not seeing? What are you not risking?

  1. How is your private prayer life? How can you grow in your private prayer life this week?
  2. Is there a hidden sin that you need to repent of with the same heart David had?
  3. Spend time this week in your prayer time asking God to “Create in me a clean heart” – not simply asking Him to control your sinful behavior.


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