Tuesday, 3/10

Today's Reading: Mark 3:31-35

Today's Meditation:

“It’s unbelievable the sort of creeps Jesus is willing to forgive. Even more incredible is the sort of creeps Jesus commands us to be church with.” My wife spoke the truth. If you think the family you were born into is a pain, consider the family that we’ve been adopted into because of Jesus! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: one of the toughest challenges of Jesus isn’t just Jesus, it’s Jesus’ closet friends. Never forget that a major justification for the crucifixion of Jesus was the creepy company he kept.

Flannery O’Connor lived for a time alone and unknown in New York. She said that going to church in such and impersonal setting had its advantages. Upon returning from Mass at the Church of the Ascension on West 107th Street, she said of her time in church: “Although you see several people you wish you knew, you see thousands you’re glad you don’t know.

William H. Willimon