Monday, 3/9

Today's Reading: Luke 2:22-35

Today's Meditation:

I can’t completely imagine what was happening emotionally and spiritually between Jesus, Mary and John as Jesus hung on the cross. And yet, I can, just a little. In my own life, I have had to let go of those whom I love very, very much – my friends, cousins, my favorite uncle, and my mother. Death is a reality. Letting go is a reality. In this way, I am just like Jesus, Mary, and John – we are all born into the intimate and painful process of attachment, separation, loss and recovery. From birth, I was attached to my mother’s love. As I grew up, I had to separate from her, and finally, I had to accept the most difficult separation of all: her death. Remembering how she lived tells me that the risen Christ was within her and my dad, giving us Jesus’ love. What happened between Jesus, Mary, and John is happening in my family as well.

Rich Cleveland