Thursday, 3/19

Today's Reading: John 14

Today's Meditation: 

“God how could this happen?” “Don’t you care?” “Now what?” “What’s the use?” “It’s hopeless” There or similar thoughts are indicative of my five-step slide into spiritual defeat: disappointment, doubt, discouragement, depression, despair. For me, this downward descent into darkness and defeat would happen just before or just after some challenging situation, when I was most vulnerable emotionally and spiritually and somewhat drained physically and mentally. It always seemed to happen the same way. Some hope or expectation would be dashed by someone or some uncontrollable circumstance, resulting in deep disappointment.

Praying Jesus’ Words, “Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

Lord, the losses and disappointments in my life often throw me for a loop and cause me to doubt myself, my loved ones and friends, and even your love. Sometimes I feel totally alone and forsaken, as though nobody cared about my dilemma or my feelings. When I am “up” spiritually, I know that these feelings are not based on the truth, but when I am low, I am tempted to believe them. Help me to follow Jesus’ example and never forsake the Father, even when I feel forsaken. Help me to ground myself in your love and learn to live in the light of truth rather than in the lies of darkness. Help me to know even in times of loss and disappointment that you never forsake me.