September 9


  1. What do our words reveal about us? What do our actions reveal? How are they related?

  2. Do you think it’s hard for us to have our actions match our words? Why?

  3. What do we communicate to other people when we don’t listen well or talk too much? What happens when these traits enter into our relationship with God?


In these verses James draws attention to what mature faith looks like in Action. Christians can pretend to obey God without truly listening to His commands. The readers of James’s letter knew the transforming power of God’s Word and James urges them to demonstrate this change in their lives.

  1. Which of the commands are the easiest for you to obey and what are the easiest to disobey?

  2. Why do we often, “hear” and not “do” when it comes to the scripture?

  3. What impact do personal disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, and remaining obedient have on how you treat others?


  1. What do you spend more time on - your spiritual growth (Bible reading and study/prayer) active ministry, personal time, or work? What needs to change for you to have more balance?

  2. In what area of your life could you do a better job at applying God’s Word rather than merely listening to it? What help do you need from God in this area?

  3. If God had written these verses only for you, which words or phrases do you think he would have underlined?