What Do You Want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas? It’s a question we ask all the time. We ask children, friends, and extended family for their Christmas list, and then we frantically search to find the exact gift requested. Or we agonize for hours about finding something, often times resorting to a gift of cash, a gift card, or nothing at all. Just thinking about it wears me out!

In keeping with our Advent Conspiracy challenge to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All, I have been thinking a lot about “relational giving” as an alternative to address this yearly struggle. I love the example of the son who gave his father a bag of coffee beans. He included instructions that the coffee was to be exclusively enjoyed by both of them together so they could spend that time sharing life. This kind of giving is less expensive so you Spend Less. It also costs more of your time, so it also is an example of Giving More.

If you are like me, coming up with these kinds of ideas can be a challenge, and we can all use a little help. Do you have an idea or a plan for relational giving this year? Would you be willing to share your idea with others? If so, this is the place. Click on 'comment' below and share your ideas. Let’s really make this a Christmas to remember.