5/20/2015 Update from Nigeria

Greetings from Nigeria! It has been a whirlwind of activity since my arrival to visit Archbishop Kwashi. It was an honor to preach at the Cathedral of St. Luke on Sunday. (Their service lasted 2 hours!) After Holy Communion, I went with one of his clergy, Fr. Mark to visit Gloria's school. Though she refuses to call them orphans, she takes in the lost, the least, and any who are left at her school; charging them nothing-yet giving them everything.  They feed, teach, and disciple 100+ children. Wow! They were so well mannered and excited to see me. I was and am overwhelmed.  Gloria asked me to pray for them and it literally took me several minutes to compose myself.  They call me "Daddy Craige"! I hope you enjoy these pictures of the children and be sure to watch the video of the children singing.

I also visited several other parishes in the diocese. On Tuesday, I spoke at their first Diocesan clergy breakfast, and taught at their seminary on Wednesday. Their gracious hospitality and humility is inspiring.
This has been a real blessing, a powerful experience, and good work. I still have two more days, and little clue what I will be doing! Hope all is well will all my CSP family.