KidZone 01/03/2016


Can you imagine being separated from your parents in a strange city for three whole days - and you are only 12 years old!  That's what happened to Jesus when he and his family went to Jerusalem for the Passover.  After his family began their journey back to Nazareth, they discovered he was not with them.  By the time his parents returned to Jerusalem and found him, three days had passed.  I am sure his mother was frantic. Where did she find him?  In the temple. And he wasn't just listening.  He was asking questions and discussing Scripture with the priests. His mother had been so worried and she asked Jesus why he had stayed behind and not let them know where he was.  He replied, "Did you not know I would be in my Father's house?"  Mary found Jesus in the temple.  We can still find him in our place of worship.  Join us to learn from Jesus every Sunday in KidZone at 10am.