KidZone 9/13/2015


We all like to choose what is better.  But sometimes we don't realize what would truly be the better choice.  That's when it is helpful for someone to come alongside and compare the two choices.  When we were offered two different pieces of cake in the MegaZone, we first chose the one that looked the best, with the most icing and sprinkles. But when we learned that piece had been dropped on the floor, we changed our minds!

The people who lived long ago at the same time as the Apostle Paul had a very important decision to make.  They had to decide whether to trust Jesus to make them right before God or trust their Jewish religion. It wasn't an easy choice. During this time Emperor Nero was murdering Christians.  He even murdered the great Apostles Peter and Paul.  So, at first glance, it looked like the better choice might be to turn away from Jesus and trust their Jewish religion.  But someone came alongside to help them compare the two choices and discover which was truly better.  That someone was the author of the book of Hebrews.  Join us as we learn from Hebrews - "Why Jesus is better."*

*from "Jesus is Better - Lessons from Hebrews" a family bible study by Sonya Shafer