KidZone 9/6/2015

Why's that dog eating table scraps in the MegaZone?

Mr. Don brought his dog Reba to KidZone!  Some of us were having scrambled eggs and cheese and we found out that Reba liked anything that fell from the table.  In today's story, Jesus was having a meal with his Jewish friends. When a Gentile woman showed up and asked him to heal her daughter, his response was a bit startling.  He said the children should be fed first and it was not right to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs. He meant that he was the bread and he was giving of himself to the Jewish people.  She knew she was a stranger and as low as a dog, but she reminded Jesus that while dogs don't eat at the table, they still eat the scraps that fall to the floor. She wanted the scraps of Jesus' healing power for her daughter.  Her faith opened Jesus' ears and he healed her daughter. Later Jesus opened the ears of a deaf man.  And that is where "Ephphatha" comes in.  It is a Hebrew word that means "be opened." Every day, we should "be open" to Jesus and all the gifts he gives us!