KidZone 8/2/2015

   Okay, so just how are we like potatoes???

Kids 5th grade and below join us every Sunday at 10am in KidZone!

Here's how:  potatoes look alike on the outside and they are full of vitamins and minerals and taste so good!  But they can be cooked many ways to become different.  We sampled mashed potatoes, tater tots and french fries. Yum! They all started out the same potato but they ended up as something totally different.

In Ephesians 4:1-16, Paul reminds us that we are all blessed by God with different gifts.  We are all people, but we have different talents. Some of us can become preachers, others teachers, or missionaries.  And no matter how smart we are or what we have done wrong in the past, we can always be forgiven and serve God. A potato can only serve one person at a time, in one way.  After we eat that potato, it is gone.  But we can serve God in many ways and many different times. This week we served God by sending messages and pictures to Erwin who lives in Indonesia and is sponsored by KidZone through Compassion International.  How will you serve God this week?