KidZone 7/26/2015


Where in this world is Sudan and what tragic events unfolded there in the 1989?  We took a look at our world map and found Sudan on the African continent.  We watched an interview of Bishop Abraham produced by 100 huntley street. We listened as he talked about the drums of war that came to his country when he was only 9 or 10 years old.  The Northern Sudanese forces raided the predominately Christian South, torching villages, kidnapping girls, and killing men and women. The boys were chased away from their homes. and that is when his journey began. But he was not alone.  After a three month walk to the Ethiopian border, there were more than 20,000 boys walking together. Along the way they dodged bullets, fought off wild animals, crossed dangerous rivers and ate leaves and roots to survive.  Thousands died. But Bishop Abraham said that God brought the boys together as a family and that they called themselves "brothers."  It was a journey he said that brought him to find his true Father.  One that would never leave him or be taken away by war. While in Ethiopia he heard a Christian preacher.  Bishop Abraham said,  "the book that changed my whole life was John 3:16.  I began to ask questions about the meaning of life when such bad things happen. But I came to know this when I became a Christian, that actually the meaning of life was on the cross when Jesus gave his life to all humankind.  Unless we discover that we will not know the meaning of life."  Bishop Abraham went on to become an Anglican preacher and was chosen to immigrate to the United States.  He is now a Bishop and has returned to his native country, South Sudan, to help his people.  He visited us this weekend. We wanted to help. But what could we, as young children, do here in the United States for Bishop Abraham?  We knew our parents could donate money but what could we do?  We decided we could pray. And there are so many things to pray for - safety for him and his family; freedom from violence and attacks from the North, money and security for the school for girls that he is building, courage and strength in the face of such instability and danger in Sudan. So, each one of the kids made a special prayer card for Bishop Abraham.  On their card they included pictures and greetings and most importantly what they and their family were going to pray for. Then they presented them to the Bishop in church.  What an amazing experience for them to see what he went through as a child and then be able to personally deliver their prayer cards to him as Bishop Abraham of Sudan. Ask your child what your family can pray for this week for Bishop Abraham.