KidZone 5/24/2014


Ever dressed up as a caterpillar? That's what one of our kids did in the MegaZone. Then she rolled up into a cocoon and out popped a butterfly!  A caterpillar has to leave his life behind so he can become a butterfly.

As Jesus neared the end of his life, I am sure that none of his friends and certainly none of his disciples wanted him to die.  They loved him and didn't want to be without him.  But Jesus gave his followers a promise of an "Advocate" -- someone who would come in his place.  He said it was necessary for him to go,but that someone would come after him who would fill his place and even more.

God's Spirit, the Advocate, came after Jesus rose to heaven.  The day the Spirit came, we call Pentecost.  That Spirit guides us, gives us faith and hope and helps us believe in Jesus.  Even though we can't see Jesus as the disciples did, we can believe because the Spirit helps us believe.

After watching the caterpillar skit, we went to our small groups and studied John 15:26-27 and 16:4-15.  Then we made beautiful caterpillars.  Check out our memory verse, John 16:13, in the picture gallery.

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