KidZone 5/17/2015


What does "ascension" mean?  We learned that it means to rise up.  And that's just what our balloons did.  But these were not ordinary balloons.  Before we inflated them, we wrote messages and put them in the balloons.  What did our messages say?  We all wrote something different, but here is a sample:  "Jesus loves you."; "God loves you."; :I love you."  "Come to church."  Others had pictures of hearts and crosses.  We hope that when they finally came down, someone who needed an encouraging word found them.  Maybe one sentence or drawing of God's love touched a person who especially needed it.

We have been reading and learning about Jesus' earthly life since his arrival at Christmas and now we read (and watched a movie) about his departure when he ascended into heaven.  Read the story in Luke 24: 44-53 and check out our picture gallery!

NEXT WEEK:  Jesus's human body ascended back into heaven but he did not leave us alone. What is Pentecost all about?  Come to KidZone at 10am and find out!