KidZone 3/22/2015

Why did the Roman soldier give Jesus vinegar?

In The Gospel of John movie, we watched as Jesus barely whispered, "I thirst." Over the last several weeks of Lent we heard the words of Jesus from the cross. Now, it's getting near the end and Jesus knew it.  But he needed to say something else and he was so weak and dehydrated from the beatings and hanging on the cross for six hours that his lips were too dry to speak.  He is thirsty.  So a Roman soldier offered up the wine on a sponge.  Jesus certainly couldn't hold a cup so this was the only way for him to drink.  But how bitter the vinegar must have been!  We tasted some ourselves and decided we certainly wouldn't want to drink it.  Check out the picture gallery for our reactions!

Next Week:  Palm Sunday!

Plan to arrive early (by 9:45 am) so we can get in costume, grab some palms, and follow the real live donkey into the service!  In KidZone we will hear Jesus' final words from the cross.  Children 5th grade and below please join us.