KidZone 2/1/2015

Jesus drives out evil spirits! Jesus was teaching at the synagogue and what he said amazed those who heard him. Why? Because he was speaking with authority that didn't come from the law but came directly from God.  He demonstrated this authority when a man possessed of more than one demon approached him.  "Be muzzled!" he says. Immediately his power silences the shrieks of the demons. The demons knew who Christ was and they were afraid of him.

We acted out this amazing story from Mark 1:21-28.  Read it for yourself to find out how Jesus demonstrated his authority and power to the amazement of all at the synagogue (and to us!)

Next week we continue to see Jesus driving out demons and also healing many people. Don't miss the excitement as we study Mark 1: 29-39. We will also finish our Valentine crafts. All kids 5th grade and below join us at 10am in the KidZone!