KidZone 11/22/2015


Do you know what a "Chrismon" is?  We do!  It comes from two words: Christ and monogram. Chrismons are Christian symbols representing Jesus Christ.   Now, what does "Advent" mean?  Our dictionary tells us it is the arrival of a notable person, thing or event.  And whose arrival are we expecting?  Jesus, of course!  During Advent our kids will make a different Chrismon each week.  This week, we began with the sea scallop shell.  What does that symbolize?  Well, if you ask any child who was in KidZone on Sunday, you will find out it represents water and pilgrimage.  Pilgrimage because pilgrims on their way to the holy land would often use a shell as a drinking vessel. But even more importantly, it represents the water of baptism.  

Check out our pictures to see the beautiful shell ornaments we made. Kids will bring home their Chrismons after their program on Christmas Eve.  What program?  Check out all the upcoming events by clicking here for CSPnews.