KidZone 1/11/2015

John was a preacher who preached near a river. The people of John’s day had done wrong things and they knew it. He spoke to the people and said: "You have done wrong things! Repent and be baptized." To be baptized means they should come and be washed in the water in the river.  It was a sign of the cleaning up that was taking place on the inside.

We had fun acting out the Scriptures. We saw John the Baptist baptizing people in the river Jordan. Then we were amazed when Jesus asked to be baptized. John said it was he who should be baptized by Jesus because he knew Jesus had never done anything wrong!

But Jesus said it was important for him to do all things that were right to do. So, John Baptized Jesus.

Join us next week as we watch The Gospel of John movie and see the exciting story of how Jesus called Philip and Nathanael to be his disciples.