Chronological reading has made it more real

Starting the daily bible readings 2 weeks late back in January was a little hectic to get caught up but I made it.  To be totally honest since then I may have had a day or 2 go by without reading and then the conviction of my commitment made to God and other CSP members to take this on this year has allowed me to press on. 

Missing a day rarely happens but if and when it does I am pretty sure God understands where I am at in life and forgives.  This is my first time reading the bible from GEN to REV in one consistent timeframe and the chronological progression has made it more real for me than just name lists and rules and laws.  These things had such an impact on the people of the times, life and death impacts.  I have especially felt more connected with these early patriarchs like Moses and really felt their strife and frustrations and their blessings more deeply than ever before.  The detailed synopsis at the beginning of each section has pointed things out that I have not noticed before.

Overall thank you for sharing this opportunity with me and I do hope others are plugging away as I am and hope to see their experiences on your blog to encourage me along.  Kristine Sires