I know that my redeemer lives.

After a short time with the ancients, my Crossway Chronological Plan sent me to the Book of Job.  Early into Job, I received  news that my father was admitted to the hospital.  He had forgotten some of his meds, but still a man certain to live his life as he saw rightful in his home. Our conversations of the ups and downs of his recovery to return home followed the back and forth of Job’s self-defense and challenges from his friends. Then, Job saw that his Redeemer lives. The day after my father was discharged his health declined, I left Charleston a day ahead of schedule and he passed on my way. I read ahead to finish Job as I traveled to Pennington, a small borough next to Princeton, NJ.  Job’s, relinquishing his impeccable defense and giving himself silently to the Lord, brought a ray of light of what that moment must be like. I left the reading plan and turned to Revelation to revisit John’s vision of the Throne in Heaven. A few days later asked my son Austin to read Job’s “My Redeemer Lives” and my niece Amanda to read Rev. 7’s “Great Multitude” at my father’s service. I spent precious time with my father’s minister in prayer and sharing of faith and hope found in these books. Turning to my father’s former pastor, who he and I both knew well and now a rector in Connecticut, I asked her to perform the burial service at our family cemetery in Massachusetts. She asked for a final scripture reading, no uncertainties...Rev. 21 called out. Job and Revelation; they fit so well when there is a need to let go.  
John Ramsdell

Thanks John for sharing this very special time in your life. How wonderful to read of the comfort given to you and your family at this time from the pages of Scripture. May your father rest in peace and rise in Glory! Fr. Craige