Thoughts from Parishioners

Our Bible Journey 2016 has gotten off to a great start. I’ve just learned how to post on to the blog, so here are some thoughts some Parishioners have shared with me already. It is so very encouraging to hear from so many of you about your journey. Just this morning I received a text from a couple saying, “I hope that others are enjoying this as much as we are”. 

I love hearing the insights and new learnings we are discovering as we read the Bible every day.  We are discovering the joy and blessing of a growing daily walk with God as we learn the benefits of daily Bible reading and prayer.

Join the journey today, and please share with me your own discoveries from God’s Word.  


From Stacy: "As I have started my journey I am learning a lot about the Old Testament some of which either I learned and forgot or never remember hearing before. Just how angry God was with humans & how corrupt he thought the world was. So God said he was going to put an end to all the people on earth & instructed Noah to build an ark Genesis 6: 11-22. Then after the flood God made a covenant with Noah and all the generations to come that he would never again cause such a a flood and his sign to us is a rainbow in the clouds Genesis 9: 9-16 Every rainbow I see now has a new meaning; I look forward to seeing what other signs God wants to show me this year. "

From Maurice: "Reading the Bible-the greatest book ever written-has been a life long dream of mine to accomplish, as well as I'm sure possibly a goal for many others. When Father Craige suggested how we as a Parish could accomplish this, I jumped at the chance to do it. Not only will I be able to enrich my life by reading what has been created to be my guide for life, but I would be able to do it along side my wife Stacy, fellow parishioners, and with Father Craige-what a blessing! If that's not win-win there is no such thing.
I look forward to this journey and will be blogging about the experience. I simply can't wait to read the Bible!"

From Lori: "I have been reading the Bible for 20 years now. I sometimes don't always know what God is saying, but when I read it again the next year or a few years later then it will come to me. One of the things I have learned is when I'm reading the Bible, if some passage catches my eye I write it down and study it later on in the day. This year I'm reading the yearly Message Bible, each day it gives you a 2 chapters and a Psalm, then it has questions to reflect on. It helps me to really think about what I have and how it can be used in my live. Remember this is God's love story to us and we should learned to love it every day.

From Lisa: "In my study today of Genesis, I see how Jacob continually grasped for his blessing. I often looked at the time he wrestled and said that he would not let go until he was blessed as one who had such a desire to be in relationship with the Lord and blessed by Him. Upon a closer look I see how a like I am to Jacob, wanting to grasp the blessing. Don't I know, aren't I sure of His providence and blessings? The great things my Lord has in store for me? Why do I wrestle to attain them? "My security doesn't hang on my frail attempts to control the world. In God's good providence, He blesses and redeems us."