"My journey has begun."

So my journey has begun, thanks to a Christmas gift of "The Daily Bible - in Chronological Order, 365 Daily Readings." I thought that since this narrative follows the events as they occurred, it would be insightful for me to try to read it as if I didn't know what was coming next. What if this were the very first time I had read these stories? I know them in general but have forgotten or never knew some of the particulars. And I have found after 11 days of reading that as a woman in present day culture, I am easily distracted by some of those particulars: slaves; concubines; hand maidens who do the bidding of their master (or their master's wife) only to be cast out into the desert with no means of support; marrying your sister; pretending your wife is your sister; getting your father drunk in order to have sex with him; nose rings. Yes, nose rings. Why did that small detail cause me to pause, especially since that is a fashion trait that has transferred to my culture? After taking mental detours such as these, I began to think that maybe I am focusing the lens of my camera way too tightly. When I "zoom out" and view the picture as a whole, the path forward from creation to salvation begins to appear. But, alas, I am again reading with the end of the story in mind - focusing on the destination instead of the journey.

So, I will read again tomorrow with new eyes, trusting God to give me a new way of understanding these events and to guide me along the way. (But I'm really looking forward to The Psalms!)

Bonnie Rackley
Children's Ministry Coordinator