A Different Path


Today is Wednesday, December 6th

Light one purple candle.


What do you NEED this year? Consider this quote:

“God gives God. That is the gift God always ultimately gives. Because nothing is greater and we have no greater need, God gives God. …we only need to slow long enough to unwrap the greatest Gift with our time: time in His Word, time in His presence, time at His feet.” (Ann Voskamp)


Read Matthew 20:28

...The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. [ESV]


As streets fill with shoppers, bright lights and tempting offers,
Christmas songs and children’s laughter, You lead us along
             a different path to a desert river and a Prophetic voice
A call to repentance, a call to service, a call to immerse ourselves
            in living water that will never run dry
A call to prepare a way in our own lives
             for the Savior of the world to enter in
To know the touch of tender mercy and rest in Your forgiving love
For Your faithful prophets and Your Living Word we give You thanks. Amen.


Personalize it. How can your thoughts and these readings and prayers help you worship fully, give more, spend less and love all.


Bonus: Read how members and friends of Christ-St. Paul's are experiencing today's devotion.

My name is Doug Wheat. I'm a previous member and 'old' friend of CSP.

While reading today’s devotion I was aware of a sensation that I experience only occasionally. That is to suddenly - and unexpectedly - see and experience the Lord in a completely new and different way. This happened for me today as I was reading the quote in the devotion: “God gives God. That is the gift God always ultimately gives. Because nothing is greater …”. 

It may seem obvious on the surface and yet, as I continue to think about it, the depth of these words and the impact it has on my thoughts increases. This is all the more startling (and joyful) to me because I consider myself to be a mature Christian, and yet, I can and do experience God and his gift Jesus Christ in new and different ways. I am guilty of 'boxing' the Lord into thoughts and terms that help me understand the depth and glory of the Lord. But the wonder of God’s Word for me is that, even after reading the same verses dozens of times, a new aspect of God’s character and His goodness, is revealed.

I recently heard someone say that “Joy and hurrying are incompatible”. I’m still considering the full truth of that but the change of heart and mind this invokes in me is certainly true.  That is, “to slow long enough to unwrap the greatest Gift with our time”.  Throughout this day I intend to do just that. To slow enough to appreciate and think about that Gift. To allow the Lord to lead me along a different path and to see others and serve others as a reflection of that Gift.