How to Use this Guide


Follow whatever pattern works for you and your household! This is one simple suggestion for beginning a new tradition, or continuing an existing tradition. It begins with a question to generate thought, a reading, a prayer or quote to absorb, and a challenge to make it personal.

1. Light the candle(s) at dinner with the family (reviewing the day) or coffee in the morning (preparing for the day) or lunch at the office (pausing in the midst of the day.)

2. Read and answer the question. Solo? Write down your answer. A word or two will do. With your household? Make it dinner conversation.

3. Read the given passage in the translation that suits you. Do your best to help children understand the reading, perhaps using the New International Readers Version of the Bible.

4. Read the prayer or quote. If you have multiple people participating, take turns, or read together, or read around the table a line at a time.

5. Look for words or themes that help you live out the four practices: worship fully, give more, spend less and love all. Write down one way to make it personal to you and your household.


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