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Narnia Summer Youth Quest! 

July 24 - 28, 9 am - noon

Right now, there is a war waging inside of you.
Sin, the evil in your heart is lying to you. It’s pretending to be freedom, attractive, and power, yet it only wants to enslave you. Yet you cannot defeat it on your own! What can we do???

This year we will be looking into the power of Sin and evil in the books of Narnia. Fortunately, even the most powerful representation of evil, The White Witch, is no match for the power of Aslan. Aslan will help give us a glimpse of the power that God has against our Sin, the power that has already won and conquered!

Looking forward to a week of fun games (Capture the Flag, Waterslide Kick Ball, and Messy Fight), good food, and important conversations.

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Tuesday's with Andrew 

Summer is here and we will soon be meeting regularly on Tuesday's to enjoy some fun activities that will help build us as a community! The events are:

June 20th: Ice-Skating
June 27th: Homeless Ministry with the Coffins
July 11th: Velocity Air
July 18th: Whirlin Waters
August 1st: Bowling

Please e-mail me at if you want to get updates on our Tuesday's with Andrew activities or Table Talk small group!

Crosswalk: Sundays 10-11:30 AM
Middle School Students (6-8th grade)

Every Sunday during the 10 AM service we have a group of middle school students meet at the Church's library. There is a game, teaching, and small group discussion.

July: Romans 

This month we are following the lectionary and reading passages from the book of Romans, discussing our Sin and our freedom in Christ!


Table Talk
Monthly High School event 

Every day students sit around a lunch table sharing their opinions about life, gossip, trends, politics, and even religion. High School youth are encouraged to join me once a month where we will test our opinions with the Truth found in scripture, allowing us to share the Gospel with our friends. Meeting place and time is subject to change. E-mail me to be apart of the e-mail chain with more information or follow the Christ-St. Paul's Youth Facebook.

Table Talk: 6-7:30

Audrey Bowman and Chip Cooley are going to start our Table Talk discussions strong as they share with you how God worked in their hearts and turned them to His goodness. Every week we meet at a diferent location for dinner. Be ready to hear their stories, ask them questions about their experience, and answer the tough questions that they too had to wrestle with. E-mail me at for updates on where we will be meeting!

Youth Quest PM: September-May
Sunday Night 5:00-7:10pm

Middle and High School students meet to celebrate our lives in Christ and His great love for us. We enjoy a meal together with delicious food, fellowship over games and mixers, prayer, and age appropriate small groups with Biblical teaching. We have enthusiastic worship with live music led by Chip Cooley and youth like Audrey, Preston, and Elijah. If you are in the 6th-12th grade, please join us at the youth campus across the street of Christ St. Paul's.