Prayer List

Updated 10/18/2018

 Those in our Parish
  Rick Baldwin, Earl Dunlap, Ann Gillespie,  Darlene Johnson, Lori Lessard,  Marcia Spainhour

Family and Friends of those in our Parish
Machael Camaione (Lori Lessard), Brittany Howard (E. Swan), Jeannie James (M. Reed), Shannon Malisiano (Susie Marvin), Mary Mullinax,  George and Pearl Young (Ann Dunlap)

Our love and prayers go out to Brad & Karen Drawdy and family on the death of her father, Henry McAlhany, and to the family and friends of Deacon Brian Gill. May they rest in peace and rise in Glory.

Grange Coffin IV, Destani Covington, Ricky Grimsley, Matt Jenkins

  Tapley King, Maggie Skinner, Lynnsey Lacey, Savannah-Leigh Summers

This Week’s Birthdays
10/22 Alex Crosby, Anne Crosby, Joyce Dye, Jackson Hartlieb, Randy Marvin
10/23 Mia Parish, Heather Tovey
10/25 Janice Baldwin
10/26 Nicki Allston, Brittany Landgraff, Tracey Vachowski
10/27 John Anderson, Sherri Nester, Cantey Spainhour

This Week's Anniversaries
10/23 Scott & Dorothy Kitchens and Walt & Lell Scott

Server's Schedule       Sunday, October 21, 2018

8:00am Service
1st Reader: Pat Butler
2nd Reader: David Kennedy
Chalice Bearer: David Kennedy
Ushers: Bud & Mary Poston

10:00am Service
1st Reader: Elizabeth Harmon
2nd Reader: Scott Elingburg
Chalice Bearer: Don Austin
2nd chalice: Stacy Fleming
Ushers: Scott & Emilee Elingburg, Thomas & Jana Sasser

LEM: John Tissot
Altar Guild 8am: Rhoda Butler
Altar Guild 10am: Lori Lessard
Prayer Team: Teresa Parish, Lisa Newland
Readings: Isaiah 53:4-12, Psalm 91, Hebrews 5:11-6:12, Mark 10:46-52