TAPLEY KING, Children's ministry coordinator

TAPLEY KING, Children's ministry coordinator

Sunday Morning's at CSP

KidZone (K4-5th grade)

The kids gather at 10am in the KidZone in the Ministry Center. KidZone is a safe, age-appropriate area where kids can learn Biblical truth in a creative, fun and loving way. There they can meet Jesus on their level! Filled with worship, drama, music and more, our time in the KidZone will help kids learn how to apply Biblical concepts and stories to their everyday lives.

Nursery (Newborn to 3 year old)

Childcare is provided on Sundays beginning at 9am and continuing until the end of the 10am Worship service (approximately 11:30.) We offer 2 nurseries: The first is equipped to meet the needs and safety of newborns and crawlers, and the other is designed to care for and entertain toddlers up to 3 years old. Both nurseries are staffed by trained and experienced professionals.

Biblical Bad Guys.png

Biblical Bad Guys Series

This Spring, through 9 of the most notorious Bible characters, we will explore major temptations to sin that are common to all of us and find a path away from those sins.

1. Greed: Herod the Great                                                                                          2. Giving into Peer Pressure: Herod Antipas                                                            3. Pride: Goliath                                                                                                         4. Misery Loves Company: Satan                                                                             5. Idolatry: Queen Jezebel                                                                                       6. Lack of Vision: Judas                                                                                            7. Jealousy: Cain                                                                                                        8. Stubbornness: Abimelech                                                                                     9. Insecurity: King Saul              

2018 Vacation Bible School

Travel with your friends from Christ-St. Paul's through time to meet the most important man ever, Jesus. A man who was not just a man, but also God. The one who turned the world upside down and who existed outside of time.                  

Upcoming Events

Monday, July 16th - Friday, July 20th - Vacation Bible School

Sunday, July 22nd - Vacation Bible School Closing