KidZone 2/28/2016


Our Bible story comes from 1st Samuel. Hannah was a woman who was married to Elkanah and they loved each other very much.  But Hannah had no children. For years she lived with the pain in her heart and endured ridicule from other women who had children. She remained faithful and prayed to God.  The Bible says she made a vow that if God were to grant her prayer and give her a son, she would give her child to God's service. God answered her prayer and she had a son. She named him Samuel because she said, "For I have asked for him of the Lord."  And Hannah kept her vow. When her son was very young, she took him to the temple where he would learn to serve God.  We can pray like Hannah and know that God hears us.

KidZone 2/21/2016


If God told you that you could ask for anything you wanted and he would grant it, what would you ask for? Some of us in KidZone said we would ask for lots of money, or superpowers like being able to fly! We learned that God told Solomon to ask for whatever he wanted, and guess what he asked for?  Wisdom! He wanted wisdom to rule his people the way that God wanted him to. God was so pleased with Solomon's request that he not only granted him wisdom, but he gave him riches as well. He knew that Solomon's heart was sincere and that he loved God.The same wisdom that God gave Solomon is available to anyone who asks.  If we ask God for wisdom and we look for His answers in the Bible we can make wise decisions and help others to see Jesus in our lives.

KidZone 2/14/2016




We had a king show up in the MegaZone!  King David took the stage and  showed us how he asked God to forgive him.  This prayer is Psalm 51. Now, we know David was a good king, but just like all of us, he sometimes did some very bad things.  We found out that King David wanted to marry Bathsheba, but she was already married.  So David sent her husband to fight on the front lines during battle, knowing that would be killed.  Then he married Bathsheba, even though he had other wives.  The prophet Nathan challenged David by telling him a story about how a rich man had taken a poor man's only lamb, even though the rich man had plenty of lambs.  David realized that he was like that rich man and asked God to forgive him.  God did so, but the consequences of King David's sin followed him the rest of his life.

KidZone 2/7/2016

A transformer is a great toy because it shows us how one thing can become another thing - a bigger and better and more useful thing.  When it comes to ourselves and our spirits, we need to think of ourselves as a little like Transformers.  We are one thing, but can become another. We are not Transformers really.  We are real people.  God made us real, and the way we transform is through living our lives, walking in Jesus' footsteps, and learning from our experiences.  Let's try this week to take pauses with God. Try to feel deep down inside of ourselves for what changes are going on. Let's keep asking God to share with us the transformation he is doing in us so we can be glad....and look forward to our personal transfiguration with Him.