KidZone 7/12/2015


Have you ever been asked to do something (or even just go along with something) that you knew was wrong?  That's what happened when King Herod had John the Baptist executed even though he really didn't want to.   We found out that all of us sometimes give in to peer pressure -  going along with what our friends are doing even if we know it might be wrong.  King Herod's story is a reminder that we are sometimes asked to make choices that we just know would be wrong - and how important it is to have the strength and the courage to say no.  We prayed for the courage to make the right choices even when those around us are not. 

NEXT WEEK:  Ephesians 2:11-22 - We were once "far away" from God


                                                     SENDING "GET WELL" GREETING TO CAPTAIN bUZZ! (LES SMITH)

                                                   SENDING "GET WELL" GREETING TO CAPTAIN bUZZ! (LES SMITH)

KidZone 7/5/2015


Even though the people of Nazareth heard Jesus teaching and marveled at his wisdom, they rejected him.  It was as if they were saying, "Who does he think he is?  We knew him as a boy, we know his mother, he's no better than one of us."  

The Bible says Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith.  His ministry of healing was limited as he would not perform miracles for people against their will.  So he sent out his disciples in pairs and gave them authority over the unclean spirits.  They were sent with only the clothes on their backs, no bread, no bag, no money.  He wanted them to depend and trust on God for their needs.  And what of the people who rejected them?  The disciples were to "shake the dust from their feet" as a way to warn them of judgment to those who reject the gospel, as was the Jewish custom of cleaning the heathen dirt from their feet hen returning home from foreign lands.

We reenacted this Scripture in the MegaZone on Sunday.  We sent disciples in pairs to villages and where they were accepted, they healed people.  Where they were unwelcome, they shook the dust from their feet and moved on. Then we had great fun with a "Carpenter's Son" relay race.

What did we learn from this lesson?  We learned that in sharing the good news of Jesus we should work together; we should not force our message on the unwilling; we should warn those who reject the gospel; we should trust in God's provision when we take risks for him; and we should know that Jesus will enable those he sends out.

NEXT SUNDAY:  Herod makes a terrible decision.  How do we allow those around us to influence the decisions we make?  Join us in KidZone at 10am!

KidZone 6/28/2015


KidZone is still going strong for the Summer.  Vacation Bible School was a blast!  We had fun last Sunday watching slide shows from every day during VBS while listening to all the great music from the week.  We talked about the exciting Bible stories we saw and recited our Scriptures from each day.  Then there were snacks and time on our renovated playground!


We continue to meet every Sunday at 10am in the MegaZone for drama, games, movies, etc. Then the preschool will gather in their special classroom to continue the lesson on their level. The rest of us, 1st-5th graders, will stay together for the small group time.  This will allow our dedicated leaders to take a summer break.  This is a great opportunity for parents to join us to help out.  You won't be asked to prepare lesson plans, just be with us and willing to help with games and crafts.  If you can volunteer any Sunday from now until the Fall Kickoff, please contact me at or give me a call at 532-3710. 

This Sunday

We will learn from Mark 6:1-13 that Jesus was not accepted in his own home town and that he sent his disciples out to continue his work.  We will use our stage to act out the story and see how it applies to our own lives.  Weather permitting, there will be more playground time!