KidZone 6/14/2015

Goodbye 5th graders!

We had a great party in the MegaZone!  It was part happy and part sad.  Why? Because we have six 5th graders moving from KidZone to Crosswalk, the new Middle School Group.  Andrew Cannell, our summer Youth Group Leader, will be leading this new group every Sunday at 10am.  Joining Andrew will be Griffin Ramsdell, Hunter Crook, Amelia Kitchens, Anna Graves, Elena Elkin, and Aidan Moulizon.

We had fun playing around on the newly refurbished playground.  Check out the pictures!

Make sure all the kids are here this Sunday, June 21, by 9:45am wearing their VBS t-shirts for the awesome closing!


KidZone 6/7/2015


We used blocks in the MegaZone to make a house.  Each block was important because it supported the blocks around it.  Together they made a house. Jesus came to build God's Kingdom.   When the pharisees accused Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebub, he said, "How can Satan cast out Satan?" 

Jesus tells us that all our sins can be forgiven.  As we pray for forgiveness, Jesus forgives us and unites us as children in his family.  That makes us like the blocks.  Together we are a part of the Kingdom of God.  Read how Jesus explained his actions through parables in Mark 3:2-35 and check out our pictures!

NEXT WEEK:  Moving up party for rising 6th graders!


KidZone 5/31/2015

The Holy Spirit and the Acts of the Apostles

Can we see the wind?  Do we know where it is coming from or where it is going? No, we can't see it but we know it is there.  How?  We can feel it!  And as John 3:8 tells us the Holy Spirit can be likened to the wind.  When it comes, you feel it!  And as we found out Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to the Apostles.  The book of Acts tells us that they were able to perform miracles just as Jesus had done when he was with them on earth.  

We watched a movie with Peter and John and saw them heal a man who had been crippled from birth.  Each day he sat at the "beautiful gate" and begged for money. Peter gave him more than gold and silver.  He healed him in the name of Jesus!  How happy the man was as he rose up and danced around and told everyone what had happened.  We can have the Holy Spirit if we ask.  Jesus will be our guide.  Think of that the next time you are standing outside and the breeze blows over you!





KidZone 5/24/2014


Ever dressed up as a caterpillar? That's what one of our kids did in the MegaZone. Then she rolled up into a cocoon and out popped a butterfly!  A caterpillar has to leave his life behind so he can become a butterfly.

As Jesus neared the end of his life, I am sure that none of his friends and certainly none of his disciples wanted him to die.  They loved him and didn't want to be without him.  But Jesus gave his followers a promise of an "Advocate" -- someone who would come in his place.  He said it was necessary for him to go,but that someone would come after him who would fill his place and even more.

God's Spirit, the Advocate, came after Jesus rose to heaven.  The day the Spirit came, we call Pentecost.  That Spirit guides us, gives us faith and hope and helps us believe in Jesus.  Even though we can't see Jesus as the disciples did, we can believe because the Spirit helps us believe.

After watching the caterpillar skit, we went to our small groups and studied John 15:26-27 and 16:4-15.  Then we made beautiful caterpillars.  Check out our memory verse, John 16:13, in the picture gallery.

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