KidZone 5/17/2015


What does "ascension" mean?  We learned that it means to rise up.  And that's just what our balloons did.  But these were not ordinary balloons.  Before we inflated them, we wrote messages and put them in the balloons.  What did our messages say?  We all wrote something different, but here is a sample:  "Jesus loves you."; "God loves you."; :I love you."  "Come to church."  Others had pictures of hearts and crosses.  We hope that when they finally came down, someone who needed an encouraging word found them.  Maybe one sentence or drawing of God's love touched a person who especially needed it.

We have been reading and learning about Jesus' earthly life since his arrival at Christmas and now we read (and watched a movie) about his departure when he ascended into heaven.  Read the story in Luke 24: 44-53 and check out our picture gallery!

NEXT WEEK:  Jesus's human body ascended back into heaven but he did not leave us alone. What is Pentecost all about?  Come to KidZone at 10am and find out!


KidZone 5/10/2015


"As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Abide in my love."  John 15:9

John's Gospel has been described as "light and love."  Watching The Gospel of John movie on Sunday we got a sense of why.  We heard Jesus say the word "love" 9 times in 9 verses!  Read the beautiful words of Jesus in John 15:9-17.  We wanted to make certain we showed our love for our mothers, our grandmothers, godmothers or any other woman who has been special in our lives.  The kids made placemats to give away and each one had the word "love" somewhere on it.  Then they made bouquets to give away following the church service.  A big "thank you" to Rick and Janice Baldwin (Baldwin's Florist) for the beautiful flowers.


Luke's Gospel ends with Jesus bestowing a blessing upon the disciples and ascending into heaven, and the disciples going to the temple and praising God.  Join us Sunday in KidZone at 10am as we learn about this incredible event in the life of Jesus and his disciples. 




KidZone 5/3/2015


Well, it wasn't really noise.  It was beautiful music sang in honor of the four precious baptisms Sunday.   Ms. Dorothy led us as we sang When the Saints Go Marching In, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Blessing and Honor - and we sang them all in rounds!  Many thanks to Ms. Dorothy and the kids for all the time spent practicing for this special musical offering by KidZone.

This Sunday is Mother's Day and the Scripture for our lesson couldn't be more perfect.  John 15:9-17 is all about LOVE.  Read it for yourself as it is beautiful Scripture.  We will watch a short video in the MegaZone then spend some time talking about love and make something special for our mother, our grandmother, our godmother, our aunt, or whoever that special person in our life is.

Enjoy the pictures from last week and be sure your kids are here this Sunday @ 10am in KidZone!

KidZone 4/19&26/2015


During Lent we heard the last words of Jesus on the cross.  Since Easter, we have been learning about the resurrection and especially what happened when Jesus appeared to the disciples.  Kristine Sires and some of our adult leaders put on a skit for the kids. They got to see what happened when Jesus appeared to his disciples while they were on the road to Emmaus.  They didn't recognize him!  Read Luke 24:36-53 and follow our pictures to see what happened.

John Ramsdell led the kids in their own interpretation of the Good Shepherd. We learned that like a good shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep, Jesus did just that for us.  Read the story in John 10:11-18.

Next Sunday, May 3, our kids will be singing in honor of baptisms at the 10am service.  Make sure your children are here!  They have been practicing very hard and are looking forward to blessing our worship with their voices.