KidZone 4/12/2015


The Gospel of John movie continued in KidZone.  We watched how surprised and even frightened the disciples were when Jesus suddenly appeared in the room with them even though the doors were locked!  The doors were locked because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders.  But Jesus came to them and said "Peace be with you!" And don't you think peace is exactly what they needed at that moment?  Thomas was not with them and when they told him what happened, he said he would only believe if he saw Jesus and the crucifixion scars. When he later saw Jesus and declared, "My Lord and my God", Jesus did not rebuke him.  But he did say something that is very important to us: "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe."  Isn't that us?! We believe even though we have not seen Jesus as the disciples did.  We believe through faith and so we are blessed!


You won't want to miss the exciting drama in the MegaZone as our adult leaders put on a real live skit about Jesus' next appearance on the road to Emmaus.  What did Jesus promise? Find out this Sunday at 10AM. 

Jesus appears to His Disciples.jpg



KidZone 4/5/2015

Glorious Easter!

What a glorious Easter weekend we had.  On Saturday, Larry & Bob & Junior from the Veggie Tales entertained us with singing and dancing!  And they told us how each Easter egg they found reminded them of some way that God shows his love for us.  It might be families that love us; a beautiful world to live in; good friends; good health or so many other blessings.  But the most spectacular way he showed his love was by sending his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.  After the show, we found more than 1300 eggs and enjoyed a yummy luncheon. 

On Easter Sunday, we followed the flowered cross into the Sanctuary, led by our very own caterpillar and butterfly!  We celebrated the risen Christ by watching the resurrection of Jesus from The Gospel of John movie.  Then we made our own jellybean butterflies.  What a great day!


Jesus has risen.  What happens next?  We will find out what he says to his disciples when he appears to them after his resurrection.  You won’t want to miss the movie and the popcorn!  See you at KidZone on Sunday at 10 am! 

KidZone 3/29/2015

Palm Sunday in KidZone

What a great way to start our final lent lesson in KidZone!  We put on costumes, grabbed some palms, and went outside to greet Sylvester the donkey as he led us into the service.  We were celebrating Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  And although it was a happy journey, we were headed to complete our lent lessons with the final words of Jesus on the cross.  We continued with scenes from our Jesus of Nazareth movie.  We heard Jesus say "It is finished.  Into thy hands I commit my spirit." Then he died.  But, that is certainly not the end of the story. During small group time we talked about how Jesus' words fulfilled the Scriptures. We began work on our Easter craft (jelly bean butterflies!) which we will finish on Easter Sunday.

NEXT WEEK:  And speaking of Easter, you won't want to miss the Easter Egg hunt on on Saturday, April 4 at 10AM.  Bring your baskets and come meet Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales who will teach us how to discover God's love for us.  Then it's off to the hunt for over 1300 eggs.  And don't worry about the rain.  We will move it all inside if we need to!  Easter Sunday we will see the completion of Jesus of Nazareth and celebrate his glorious resurrection. We will finish those jelly bean butterflies, too!  Join us Sunday at 10AM.


KidZone 3/22/2015

Why did the Roman soldier give Jesus vinegar?

In The Gospel of John movie, we watched as Jesus barely whispered, "I thirst." Over the last several weeks of Lent we heard the words of Jesus from the cross. Now, it's getting near the end and Jesus knew it.  But he needed to say something else and he was so weak and dehydrated from the beatings and hanging on the cross for six hours that his lips were too dry to speak.  He is thirsty.  So a Roman soldier offered up the wine on a sponge.  Jesus certainly couldn't hold a cup so this was the only way for him to drink.  But how bitter the vinegar must have been!  We tasted some ourselves and decided we certainly wouldn't want to drink it.  Check out the picture gallery for our reactions!

Next Week:  Palm Sunday!

Plan to arrive early (by 9:45 am) so we can get in costume, grab some palms, and follow the real live donkey into the service!  In KidZone we will hear Jesus' final words from the cross.  Children 5th grade and below please join us.