KidZone 1/18/2015

Has a friend ever told you something that was too good to be true? Well, that is what Nathanael thought when his friend Philip told him he had found the Messiah. But when Nathanael met Jesus, he found out that Jesus already knew all about him. Both he and Philip became disciples.

We watched a movie that told this story from the book of John and then went to our small groups to read it for ourselves. We had fun turning tables upside down and playing guessing games.

How can we be a friend like Philip? One way is to invite a friend to church and introduce them to  Jesus!

Next week, want to know which disciples Jesus called first and why? Join us in KidZone at 10am and find out how to be “fishers of men.” 

KidZone 1/11/2015

John was a preacher who preached near a river. The people of John’s day had done wrong things and they knew it. He spoke to the people and said: "You have done wrong things! Repent and be baptized." To be baptized means they should come and be washed in the water in the river.  It was a sign of the cleaning up that was taking place on the inside.

We had fun acting out the Scriptures. We saw John the Baptist baptizing people in the river Jordan. Then we were amazed when Jesus asked to be baptized. John said it was he who should be baptized by Jesus because he knew Jesus had never done anything wrong!

But Jesus said it was important for him to do all things that were right to do. So, John Baptized Jesus.

Join us next week as we watch The Gospel of John movie and see the exciting story of how Jesus called Philip and Nathanael to be his disciples.




Epiphany 2015

Did you see all those wisemen (and women) roaming around during Big Breakfast on Sunday?  Did you wonder where they were going? They were following a star to the KidZone where the story of the Magi awaited them! After reading Matthew 2:1-12, we had fun playing “Follow the Star” and “Magi, Magi, Herod.”

The light has come into the world! Join us as we continue to follow the light out into the world.  The exciting story of the baptism of Jesus is next! Don’t miss it. Kids 5th grade and below join us in the KidZone at 10am. 

Christmas 2014

What a joyful Christmas! 

On Christmas Eve our children shared the message of the birth of Jesus Christ.

And now, KidZone is taking this message of hope and peace into the New Year. Children 5th grade and below join us at 10am every Sunday where we will find out just who Jesus is and how we can draw closer to him. We begin in the MegaZone with skits, movies, song and games that help us understand the Scripture. Then we gather into small groups where our leaders continue the teaching at age-appropriate levels.

We are so excited about sharing the love of Jesus with our children in 2015!